Baptism is the sacrament that frees man from original sin and from personal guilt, that makes him a member of Christ and His Church.

Arrangements are made in advance.  Contact the Parish Office to obtain a copy of the Baptismal guidelines and information on arrangements.  The guidelines for godparents are based on the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church.

Pre-Jordan Program (Sacramental Preparation for Baptism)

Contact: Deacon Harry Tucker 215 257-5918 Or e-mail

St. Agnes Parish conducts a Baptism Preparation program for parents and godparents once a month.  It is a one hour session comprised of information about the sacrament and the roles of parents and godparents.

Arrangements for baptism are made by contacting the Parish Secretary, 215-257-2128 ext. 110, who will provide parents with an information packet which addresses frequently asked questions.  The Parish Secretary can also register participants for the Pre-Jordan Program.

Letters of Eligibility

In order to be a Sponsor for Baptism (godparent) and Confirmation, a letter of eligibility is asking for a preist to sign and acknowledge that the person is 16 years of age or more, Confirmed, and if married, is married in the Catholic Church and celebrating the Sacraments regularly by going to Mass weekly.  This person must be registered and an active member of the parish for at least six (6) months.