Catholics are expected to marry in a Catholic Church or can get permission of the Catholic Church to marry a non-Catholic.  Arrangements must be made with one of the priests at least six months prior to the date of the wedding.  This is to allow adequate preparation for this Sacrament.  Pre-Cana classes or Engaged Encounter Weekends are required.  Contact the Parish Office to obtain information on arrangements.

Pre-Cana Program

Contact: Maryanne Tucker 215 257-5918 Or e-mail

St. Agnes Parish conducts a Marriage Preparation program for engaged couples twice a year, once each in the fall and spring. It is a one day session comprised of talks and discussions given by married couples who have been specially trained by the Archdiocese.

The day provides valuable opportunities to share about married life.  It considers area such as couple communication, adjustments, in laws, natural family planning, sexuality, and spirituality. The workshop fulfills the Archdiocesan requirement of attending a marriage preparation class.

Wedding Rehearsals : Contact: Maryanne Tucker 215 257-5918 Or e-mail

Wedding coordinators conduct rehearsals and prepare the participants for all phases of the wedding.  The coordinator also attends the wedding to help ensure that all goes as planned.