Evangelizing Activities


Contact: Kristen Hass, Coordinator of Religious Education (215) 257-1811 or email

Come and join our outstanding family of Catechists who provide faith formation and information to the students and adults who participate in our many parish programs. You can, by being a witness to our faith, be the inspiration to someone as they travel life’s path.  The treasure of your time and talent in our parish’s many programs will be of immeasurable reward to all.

Training, seminars, workshops and retreats are provided for all catechists and their families.

As with all our formation programs for children, the appropriate clearances must be gathered for all adult volunteers. Please contact Mrs. Hass regarding the required clearances.


Contact: Maryanne Tucker (215) 257 5918 or email

St. Agnes Parish conducts a Marriage Preparation program for engaged couples twice a year, once each in the fall and spring.  It is a one day session comprised of talks and discussions given by married couples who have been specially trained by the Archdiocese.

The day provides valuable opportunities to share about married life. It considers areas such as couple communication, adjustments, in laws, natural family planning, sexuality, and spirituality. The workshop fulfills the Archdiocesan requirement of attending a marriage preparation program.

As a part of the St. Agnes Pre Cana program, we also administer the archdiocesan approved FOCCUS instrument questionnaire. FOCCUS is designed primarily to be a facilitative instrument, raising questions and identifying concern areas for couples so that they can think about and discuss them. It is not intended to be a test, but just a communication tool for the couple. The engaged couple meets privately in the home of the deacon and his wife for FOCCUS.


Sacramental Preparation for Baptism
Contact: Deacon Harry Tucker (215) 257 5918

St. Agnes Parish conducts a Baptism Preparation program for parents and godparents once each month.  It is a one hour session comprised of information about the sacrament and the roles of parents and godparents.

Arrangements for baptism are made by contacting the Parish Secretary (215-257-2128 x110) who will provide parents with an information packet which addresses frequently asked questions. The Parish Secretary can also register participants for the Pre-Jordan Program.


Contact: Krsiten Hass, Coordinator of Religious Education (215) 257-1811 or email

PREP is a process of faith formation for children of our parish families in grades one through seven who attend public school.  Children attending PREP receive formal instruction in our catholic faith so they may come to a greater knowledge of all our faith offers us.

PREP classes support parents in preparing their children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. This time of preparation assists parents as they renew their own faith by studying with their children and by their attendance at sacrament parent meeting.

Our parish PREP classes are staffed by catechists who serve in this teaching ministry of the church by volunteering their time teaching our parish children about our faith in a classroom environment.  Our PREP classes are vibrant, faith-filled sessions assisting our children as they grow in love and knowledge of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Contact:  Patricia Fischer  215-257-7898

St. Agnes has a pro-active Respect Life Committee. In addition to having a great concern for the welfare of the precious unborn and its mother, members have a strong commitment to serving people in all stages of life. Through our diverse activities we have endeavored to support a variety of charitable organizations and facilities. The Respect Life Committee is proud to be a part of the St. Agnes community and to serve as a link between our generous fellow parishioners and those in need.

The Respect Life Committee welcomes and encourages all parishioners to be an active member of our Respect Life Activities by supporting all “Life Issues” through prayers, donations, time and talents.

Volunteer Opportunities:

March for Life
Spiritual Adoption Program
Respect Life Sunday
Mothers Day Rose Sale
Vigils for Life
Voter Registration


Contact: Rev. Jeffrey Stecz 215-257-2128 or Kim Kline  215-257-8825

RCIA is an “inquiry process” for those who seek to know more about the Catholic faith.  Those who are not baptized and seek to enter into a journey of conversion, and those who are baptized in a denomination other than Roman Catholic and seek to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church, are invited and encouraged to enter RCIA.  Any adult who is baptized Catholic but has not been catechized (instructed) in the faith and has not received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist or Confirmation are also invited to participate in RCIA and prepare to receive these sacraments.


Contact: Kristen Hass, Coordinator of Religious Education (215) 257-1811 or email

Summer is an ideal time to offer a faith-based, fun-filled and exciting time for children. VBS offers a stimulating, often Scripture based, program for children that is as attractive as all other activities in which they might participate during the summer. Adults of the parish also have an opportunity to become involved in a hands-on approach to the Catholic Christian education of our children. No experience is necessary. Any adult or young adult (ages fourteen to…) can become part of this exciting experience. Look in the parish Sunday bulletin beginning in March for more information on VBS.