Pastoral Council

Contact Rev. Jeffrey M. Stecz, Pastor 215-257-2128

Comprised of ex-officio, elective and appointive members, the Council is a consultative body which advises the Pastor in areas related to the parish planning process and in light of the parish’s identity, missions and goals.

The Council develops and proposes to the Pastor a strategic pastoral plan for the parish and recommends directions for the implementation of an approved plan by the parish’s administrators, staff, and head of parish organizations.  Ordinarily, the Council meets four times a year.

Present Council Members:

Edward Armstrong – 215-453-6647

Deacon Lyle Benner – 215-249-9042

Kathryn Kroszner – 215-257-1374

Jo-Ann Porter – 215-257-3394

Deacon Harry Tucker – 215-257-5918