Finance Council

Contact Rev. Jeffrey M. Stecz, Pastor 215-257-2128

The membership of the Finance Council advises the Pastor in areas related to the parish’s financial planning process in support of the parish’s mission and pastoral goals.  The Council develops and proposes to the Pastor a strategic financial plan and an annual financial plan for the parish and recommends to him directions for the implementation of the approved plans by the parish’s administrators, staff and heads of parish organizations.

The purpose of the Council is to ensure that the parish, in achieving its mission as effectively as possible, is exercising responsible stewardship of parish resources.  The Council helps the Pastor to oversee allocation of the parish’s material goods and financial resources in a manner which is consistent with the long term and short-term objectives of the parish.

Ordinarily, the Council meets four times a year.  Committees of the Council meet in between.

Present Council Members:

Marie Diseroad – 215-257-8951

Winston Sealey – 215-258-3804

Francis Szymendera – 215-257-2237

Jerry Strothers – 215-536-1623

Richard Trotter – 215-258-0191

Kathleen Clancy – 215-453-5812

Deacon Harry Tucker – 215-257-5918